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Torchlight -Destroyer build

by on Jan.23, 2010, under General Gaming Discussion

I have been playing a destroyer in the great new dungeon crawler Torchlight. I have been working on a build, and thought I would post it here to see what everyone thinks. I am running on the hard difficulty setting.

First my skills, I plan on putting 10 point in each of the following skills.

Tier 1
Shadow Armor- Summons a phantasm which will attack foes
Dual Wielding- Improves damage of all weapons when dual wielding.

Tier 2
Armor Expertise- Mastery of all forms of armor, reduces requirements and improves armor absorption.
Martial Weapons Expertise- Mastery of swords, axes, maces and polearms.

Tier 3
Defensive Spell Mastery- Increases the levels of all defensive spells.

Tier 4
Frost Shield- A protective shield that absorbs physical and elemental damage, freezes foes when they strike.

Tier 5
Critical Strikes- Increases the chance and improves the damage of all critical strikes.
Block and Parry- Increases the chance to block, either with or without a shield.

Tier 6
Devastate- a rush attack using all equipped weapons.
Spectral Decay- Disrupts the armor of foes, increasing the damage that you deal.

I think I will spend my points evenly between defense and strength.

I will try to socket as many +crit gems as I can.

I will concentrate on resistance with my rings, amulet and armor.

My main spells will be haste and resist all, not sure what else I will pick up.

I am just starting out on this build, so any feedback is welcomed. I always tend to build towards defense, and I am a bit worried about being a bit underpowered with this build, so I will see how it works out and keep everyone posted.

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  • rangerjrohn

    Dex is required for some items, magic affects elemental damage from weapons. So yes strength and defense should be your priority, but you will some of the other stats.

  • Casey S.

    i like it. iv been thinking of retiring my alch so i might use thise build thx ^_^

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